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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Square Dance at Toluca Lake

Ann was voted the honorary “mayor” of her Toluca Lake neighborhood of North Hollywood in September 1949, succeeding Bob Hope in the office.  The ceremony was attended by Fletcher Bowron, the real mayor of Los Angeles, and several other actor honorary mayors from San Fernando Valley communities, including Andy Devine. 
These photos—newspaper clippings from the album of a fan—show the fun at a Toluca Lake costume square dance with a pioneer settlers theme.  Here she is with Gordon MacRae, and below with Hollywood gossip columnist and radio and TV personality Jimmie Fidler, and some other guy named Bob Hope.  Ann had just finished making Free for All (1949) and had launched into work on Our Very Own (1950). 
All work and no play…



  1. Indeed, what the well-dressed pioneer lady will wear. I wonder if the costume department helped out?