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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

All the Brothers Were Valiant - Coming Up on TCM

This is to remind you that All the Brothers Were Valiant (1953) with Ann Blyth, Robert Taylor, and Stewart Granger is being shown on TCM on this coming Monday, May 2nd, at 10:45 a.m. ET.

We discussed the movie here at Another Old Movie Blog, and in Chapter 29 of Ann Blyth: Actress. Singer. Star.

Ann is torn between two men, the dashing bad boy Stewart Granger, and his brother, Robert Taylor--who happens to be her new husband.  Confines aboard their 19th century whaling ship are pretty tight, and there's not much room to escape each other, or escape the consequences of their desires.

Lewis Stone appears in the above publicity photo in the church scene as Taylor's mentor, a retiring whaling ship captain.  It was Mr. Stone's last movie and was released after his death.

The movie features a thrilling "Nantucket sleigh ride."  If you have no idea what that is, tune in and find out.  Let me know if you guessed right.

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