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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mildred Pierce on TCM

She's baa-aa-ack!

This coming Sunday, as part of its tribute to Mother's Day, Turner Classic Movies is again showing our favorite instructional video on how to raise children--Mildred Pierce (1945).  This was the role that earned Ann Blyth her Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress, the youngest (at 16 years old) at that time to have been nominated for a major acting award. 

The lobby card above is not from the original release of the movie, but from a re-release.  The original publicity images from the movie showed only Joan.  We can see how great an impact Ann's Veda Pierce had on the critics and the public by subsequent marketing showing her front and center.

Tune in Sunday, May 8th at 4 pm ET for Ann, Joan Crawford, Jack Carson, Eve Arden, Zachary Scott and a the rest of the gang in this glossy noir.  We covered Mildred Pierce here at my Another Old Movie Blog.

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