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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cover Girl - 1946 - A Blyth by Any Other Name

Ann Blyth graced the cover of many magazines during the course of her career, but this may have been one of the very first -- the New York Sunday Mirror supplement from April 21, 1946.   She was seventeen years old here, but though the young starlet had made a big splash, having received a Best Supporting Actress nomination for Mildred Pierce (1945), she was still sufficiently new enough in the celebrity world for this metropolitan newspaper to spell her surname wrong.

Actually, it wasn't exactly wrong as Blythe had been her family name, but she was Blyth since her Broadway debut in Watch on the Rhine in 1941.  The New York Mirror, along with the several other New York newspapers had reported on and reviewed that celebrated play -- and Ann was a home-town girl, a native New Yorker.  Despite what should have been a little more familiarity on their part, this tabloid felt it just seemed there should be an E on the end of Blyth.

The New York Daily Mirror folded in 1963.  Ann's career continued.

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