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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Killer McCoy 1947

There was something about MGM gloss and glamour -- it permeated an entire production, from the still photos for publicity through the finished film (even in what would normally be considered a gritty gangster movie).  The above photo of Ann Blyth was for the film Killer McCoy (1947) which we discussed in more detail on my Another Old Movie Blog here.

She's photographed really beautifully in the movie, playing the troubled daughter of racketeer Brian Donlevy.  Mickey Rooney is the boxer trying to get out of the game, and both are lost souls who find each other amid the dirty deals of boxing's sordid underbelly.

It was her first MGM movie, but she'd be back for The Great Caruso (1951), and would eventually sign a contract with the studio, leaving her home studio, Universal, for a crack at some of the big, splashy musicals for which MGM was famous. It was a new direction, and a further blossoming of her enormous talent.


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