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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer Theatre Souvenirs

This being the height of summer (here in the northern hemisphere, anyway), here's a token reminder that Ann Blyth had a several-decades long career in summer theatre. The above program is for Showboat, in which she starred opposite Terence Monk, and Andy Devine played her father, Cap'n Andy.

You may recall that she and Mr. Devine went way back -- to her third film, Babes on Swing Street and also her next movie, Bowery to Broadway, both released in 1944.  She played Ohio in Showboat for the Kenley Players Productions in 1970.

Those of you who follow the Facebook page for this blog, ANN BLYTH: ACTRESS. SINGER. STAR. will note that recently the son of actor Pernell Roberts contacted me to direct me to his Facebook page honoring his father's career and the several photos he posted of Ann Blyth and Pernell Roberts when they performed together in a summer theatre production of The King and I, which took place at the MUNY in St. Louis in 1967.  See this link for those photos.  My sincere thanks to Mr. Roberts, Jr., for sharing those terrific pictures.

For more on Ann's summer theatre shows, have a look at this previous post at my Another Old Movie Blog, as well as my book, Ann Blyth: Actress. Singer. Star., which has further info.

Did you ever see Ann Blyth on stage?  Let us know.


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