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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ann Blyth on a Novel Cover

The book cover below is probably a very early photo of Ann Blyth as a child model. It is, quite surprisingly, currently being used on the cover of a novel.

The Bobby Soxer was first published by the late Hortense Calisher in 1986, and has been reprinted as an ebook by Open Road Media, which seems to be a company specializing in ebook reprints.

At this Getty Images website, which licenses stock photos, we have another photo of a child model.  This most definitely is Ann Blyth.  Here is another pose.

Comparing these Getty stock images with the photo on th book cover, we see the girl is identical, not only in hair and facial likeness, but she's wearing the same clothes, right down to the butterfly pin at her collar.

I'm not sure of her age in this photo; it could have been taken concurrently to her performing in the Broadway play, and later touring company, of Watch on the Rhine, or perhaps even upon her arrival at Universal when she was 14 or 15 years old. 

I don't if the Open Road Media company knows they are using a photo of a famous Hollywood actress as a child to illustrate this novel cover.  I had attempted to contact them for more information some months ago, but never received a reply.

This mystery came to me by way of a very observant fellow writer and blogger, Elisabeth Grace Foley of The Second Sentence blog, and author of many fine westerns and the Mrs. Meade Mystery series.  Here's her author page on Amazon for more info.  Elisabeth first noticed the amazing resemblance on the novel cover and brought it to my attention last year.  My thanks to her for passing along this curious bit of trivia.

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