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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lustre-Creme Shampoo Advertisement

Hollywood stars back in the day probably appeared in as much advertising as they did movies.  Certainly glamour was a huge selling point, especially for a personal care product like shampoo, as pictured above in this Lustre-Creme Shampoo magazine ad.

The movie studios often teamed with advertisers to mutually push each other's products.  Here we see Ann Blyth in her costume from The Buster Keaton Story (1957), posed by a 1920s roadster on the set, with the tag line, "You'll love Ann Blyth in The Buster Keaton Story, A Paramount Picture in VistaVision."

Lustre-Creme Shampoo advertised heavily on radio as well, and many Old Time Radio, or "OTR" fans will recall the commercial jingle that sponsored Our Miss Brooks.  I'm not sure when Lustre-Creme was discontinued, but it's obviously no longer marketed. 

It's a lovely photo, though, the very image of casual elegance, whether for selling shampoo or movie.


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